We do a pile of junk removal in London throughout the year. There is no end to our season. Scrap removal and trips to the dump are pretty steady year-round. If you need anything taken, we are glad to help.

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This particular clean up job was of an old one-time landmark. We had a crew of 5 go in and clean this whole place after a bank repossessed it. We filled two 40ft dumpsters to the top with scrap we removed from the building

Cleanliness is an integral part of our daily lives be it in residential or commercial settings. Everybody loves to spend quality time in a clean and tidy home or workplace. A property's cleanliness or filthiness speaks volumes about the personality of the occupants. Keeping your residential or commercial property in a tip top shape is a vital component for creating and maintaining a healthy and safe space for work and play.

In today's modern lifestyle, most property owners in London are busier than ever. Every person's schedule is jam-packed with work , social and family obligations. With so many responsibilities on our shoulders , it's difficult to find time to carry out cleaning and junk removal in your property. If you're one of those people who are unable to carry out cleaning and junk removal services by themselves, hiring professional cleaning and junk removal services is the best solution for you. There are multiple benefits of hiring a seasoned company to the job for you.

Some of the cleaning services offered by a professional cleaning company include; residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, post construction cleaning, move in/move out cleaning , window cleaning, and many more.

The following are top benefits hiring a professional cleaning and junk removal service in London:

Experience and Expertise

Having been in the cleaning and junk removal industry for many years, James Property Solutions are skilled in junk removal , cleaning, dusting , and sanitizing. Their team undergoes thorough training regularly in order to meet their clients' needs the best way and deliver impeccable results. When you hire the company, you can feel confident that their cleaners and junk removers are thoroughly screened, drug tested, fully insured , and background checked.


Large quantities of waste can be dangerous to move especially. Moreover, without involving a professional, you may be dealing with hazardous materials which require special handling. A professional junk removal service in London will have professional-grade equipment and the right training necessary to handle any amount and type of junk. They know how to sort out junk and properly dispose unwanted items like appliances, old electronics, furniture, scrap metal, tires, paint and many more. When you hire a competent company to do the job for you, you can rest assured that the junk is being moved and processed the right way.

Powerful professional equipment

A reputable cleaning and junk removal service uses advanced professional equipment to carry out their job thoroughly and to ensure you get complete satisfaction with the cleaning and junk removal results. Different kind of junk such as old furniture, garden waste, construction waste, and broken appliances may be too heavy to be removed by a regular pick up truck. A junk removal service will have specialized trucks that will make the whole process smooth.

Save time

If you attempt cleaning and hauling junk by yourself, you may take ages doing a job that would have take professionals a few hours to complete and deliver excellent results. By hiring a reputable service like James Property Solutions to take care of your cluttered rooms and office spaces, you will have more time to focus on more important things in your schedule. Regaining valuable time is a huge benefit of outsourcing cleaning and junk removal tasks.

Post-construction cleaning

Clean Room

This is a million dollar home on the water. We were called in to clean it from top to bottom after renovations were done on the home. We cleaned all the windows, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. The place looked beautiful when we were finished.

Save money

Residential and commercial properties are certainly the largest investments for most property owners in London. Therefore, keeping them in a tip top shape through thorough cleaning and junk removal is essential to maintaining their overall value. All surfaces in a home or office- floors, tiles, countertops, walls, and baseboards need professional cleaning to stay in an optimal shape. The longer you allow junk to build up in your property , the more likely you are to need costlier actions to undo the damage. Regular cleaning and de-cluttering prevents depreciation of your property.

peace of mind

A reputable cleaning and junk removal service have what it takes to provide efficient, prompt, safe, and eco-friendly service. Right from collection of waste to disposal at the designated place, London Junk Removal Services will leave no stone unturned. This saves you the hassles of carrying the junk by yourself to the landfill hence giving you the much needed peace of mind. All you have to do is show the experts what needs to be disposed and the property that needs thorough cleaning and the professionals will take care of the rest.


A reputable cleaning and junk removal service in London will carry liability insurance to protect themselves and their customers. London Junk Removal Services is a fully bonded and insured service provider hence you can have peace of mind when they work on your home knowing that you are well covered in case something goes wrong.

Good Impression

First impressions are paramount in both residential and commercial settings. In the office, keeping your space sparkling clean and clutter-free leaves a good impression on prospective clients and makes them want to work with you. Similarly, a good first impression is critical when it's time to put your house on the market. Hiring a reliable cleaning and junk removal service in London to keep your space clean and well organized can bring about great impressions that will work to your benefit.

The benefits of working with a trusted cleaning and junk removal service in London are priceless. A reliable and trustworthy company that provides thorough cleaning services can help you save money, time, and many unnecessary hassles. London Junk Removal Services provide professional cleaning services to the residents of the greater London area. With great experience and profound knowledge on cleaning and junk removal, their team of dedicated professional cleaners can handle all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Apart from their impeccable customer service, their team is indeed meticulous and they take up all cleaning and junk removal tasks , whether big or small.

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We are all hard working people who aim to please. We love meeting new people and wish to help as many people as possible with their junk removal needs.

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We are all hard working people who aim to please. We love meeting new people and wish to help as many people as possible with their junk removal needs.

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